Welcome to my personal portfolio site.

This has come about as a merging of various interests that I have and with a bit of poking and prodding from family and friends. Those that know me will be aware that I like 'geeky' stuff. I also love taking photographs, particularly since digital has made everything so much more accessible..... and yes I am of the 35mm film vintage and fondly remember rolling my own black and white film cartridges and processing in the bathroom on a weekend. On top of that our family owns, breeds and shows dogs, Pointers to be exact. Hence all those interests have come together in the formation of this site.

In South-East Queensland there is a void with professional photographers to take photos at the various shows. I totally understand that it would be very difficult to run a successful business in just this field. Every body has some sort of camera these days and is taking photos of their dogs (or others). Some will be happy with snaps and some will be looking for more. You need to be exceptional to make a living out of this field. Generally I've received positive comments about my photos and more recently people have been suggesting I take them more frequently.

So in response this web site will initially have primary focus around canine photographs and gradually I'll add personal galleries for other genres. If owners are interested in any of the images of their dogs they can contact me via email.

We will see where things progress over time but hopefully you will enjoy the images displayed here.