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Well Christmas and New Year are but a distant memory now. Seems as you get older the months and years go by faster and faster.  It was great to have Matt home for Xmas. Those 6 weeks just seemed too short. Now he has headed back our west but not quite as far west as Alice Springs this time. A new property, different livestock and new things to learn. Sharon and I are always proud how our kids (always our kids) how they knuckle down and do the job at hand, even if it's not their ideal career job. Funnily enough they always do pretty well at it, both are hard working.

Christmas saw a long overdue upgrade to my somewhat ancient desktop computer. I hadn't really used it for 2 years preferring my more powerful laptop. Now my photos have outgrown it and I needed a more expandable solution. So a couple weeks were spent carefully migrating software, document files and tens of thousands of image files to the desktop's 6TB drive. The laptop is definitely still useful but now it can be primarily for mobile work, when I'm at home, the desktop machine rules.

The break also saw Sharon and I celebrate our 30th wedding anniversary and she has another milestone coming up in a couple weeks. Gentlemen aren't allowed to mention lady's age though. :-)

A quiet start to the show scene for us this year. Last weekend was our first weekend away and we really only did that because I wanted to photograph the 2 Championship shows.  If I was going to be there might as well see if the trusty sidekick/handler wanted to come along and we'd take a dog too. Photos from both the Allora shows have now been completed and uploaded to the website, just in time for me to do tonight's Redcliffe Show.

Here's the link to the folder for the 2016 images:

I'm already booked out for some month's this year so it's looking like it'll be busy. I need to be careful not to burn myself out. A weekend of shooting means 2 by 6 hour stints covering the rings and then about 20 hours or more of sorting and editing, depending on the number of images captured.  Most people are pretty good and understand that I do this both before and after work so it takes me some days to get through my images.  If I get to a point where I'm just too worn out and don't enjoy it then I'll give it away. Every so often I just need a weekend to go walk a National Park and photograph nature. It rejuvenates me and I find it peaceful. If I'm doing lots of those weekends then I'm finding other things stressful.

Anyway, it's time to start getting dogs and photography gear sorted for tonight's show. Hope you enjoy the images from last weekend and will see many of you at an upcoming show.

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Cart goes live Shannon and Murphy BIS Friday and Saturday. Today marks a significant step forward for this site as shopping cart facilities go live on last weekend's galleries, two of which have been uploaded and the third and final gallery should go tonight.  Those who were at the show would know that there were 'official' photographers in attendance so I don't have any award photos just a small selection captured while General Specials was on which should still be enough to trial the cart. Friday's is particularly small as exhibitors really didn't get a lot of time to stack and present your dogs and therefore I had little chance of capturing images.

If you are after images you will need to create an account and login. Please check that your email address is accurate and functional. My own testing of the functionality has shown that the mobile version of the site is very basic. Yes you can still purchase images via it but if you want to manage your favourites lists or update your account details you will need to do that through the desktop version. On mobile devices you will see an option at the bottom of your screen to switch between the two types. Be mindful though that if you purchase via a mobile device you may not want to download your images via that same device unless you have fairly generous data plans. Full size image files can be large and chew big holes in your data allowance.

As accounts get created I will try and link Client Galleries to those accounts so that you only need to remember your account login details and save the hassle of also having to keep track of gallery passwords.

 Hopefully this will streamline the process of exhibitors acquiring images and also free up some of my time to catch up on other work.  If you do have issues then please let me know via email. I will see what I can do within the capabilities of the templates that drive the site or otherwise raise issues with my service provider.

Thank you again for your support over the last 18 months. Things have been growing slowly and 2016 is looking to be busier photographically for me.

Galleries with the shopping cart active:
 - Combined Northern Rivers KC 13th Nov 2015
 - Combined Northern Rivers KC 14th Nov 2015

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Appreciate the support. _K5H2819_K5H2819_K5H2819

Well blog posts here only seem to happen every couple of months, if that.  While I regularly post on Facebook how things are progressing with the previous weekend's images, I don't always get to my web site to write a blog. Time is always so much of an issue, but that, I think, is an issue for many of us.

Things are certainly picking up and I don't seem to get those stares anymore from people who are wondering who the hell is this guy and why is he photographing our dogs. For that I'd like to say thank you to you all, it makes me just a little more comfortable to do it too. A good indication that things are on the up and up is that I have a couple more bookings for shows this year and already a few for 2016 and as many of you may know I will be providing Dog News Australia with a page of images covering over shows in the South-east corner of Qld. I've already told Elise that this may mean we're among the last to leave at quite a few shows from now on so that I can make sure that I get reasonable coverage.

This however makes me even more aware of trying to keep some sort of balance. I love showing our dogs and I love photographing. Many of you enjoy my recent bird images and nature/wildlife photography is still something I wish to pursue as I find the peace and solitude of walking through the bush hunting little animals, rejuvenating. It just recharges my batteries and makes me feel better about life so I still need to find the one day or one weekend a month to go and do those activities. Then there's all the blokey stuff around the house like mowing lawns, tending to the vegie garden, ripping the chainsaw out and cutting things down.... that too needs to get done although here it tends to take a back seat.

Anyway I could just rant here for ages but what is really most important is that the Gympie and District Kennel Club show's photos from the 27th and 28th June are all uploaded to the website, including the couple of client galleries I had to do. Now I've still got some edits to catch up on for people so I better get back into it.

See some of you on the weekend.

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Starting to get moving again. Well this year I'm trying to find a bit of a balance between showing our dogs and pursuing other interests.... aka find some more time for my photography, but not necessarily on dogs!! So over the summer months we haven't gone off to as many shows as we may have done in previous years and I've spent time practicing on other things. Things are gradually cooling down slightly. OK, you might argue against that on certain days here in Qld, but anyway we're getting back out to a few more shows.

Last weekend was my second for the year where I've spent some time photographing dogs and as many of you will already know the images are up for people to view. We had a bit of varied weather at the Tweed River shows with brief downpours and warm days but I still think most had an enjoyable weekend.

Next month the Sporting Spaniel Club of Qld has got me back again to shoot. This time at their double header shows so I'll be run off my feet. Looking forward to it though. A few other clubs have been making inquiries but in the meantime I'll keep showing my dogs and photographing where I can. It's about balance. _K5F1908_K5F1908_K5F1908

I must say a huge thank you to Elise though. I couldn't do these camping weekends, with the dogs and showing, plus spend as much time as I can around the ring clicking away, without her help. A special one that girl. On the last day while I'm busy photographing she's packing up the camp. As it was we were amongst the last few to leave the grounds...... and I get back home to find my son mowing the yard for me.  Two great people, proud to say they're our children. They've grown into fine adults. Love you two, Elise and Matt.

As usual if you see me at a ring and want some photos just grab me.

Links to the Tweed River Canine Club Shows
(March 2015)

 - Friday


 - Sunday


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Christmas is fast approaching _K5E0124_K5E0124_K5E0124

Summer is well and truly with us and this weekend is supposed to be a stinker. The shows start to drop off coming into the Christmas period and when we do have them, luckily we get a few more night shows.  For me this means that the opportunity to photograph your dogs drops off too. Many of the grounds that have night shows don't have the best of lighting and popping off flashes from outside the ring is both annoying and doesn't yield the best of results. In day shows our dogs are continually panting and they are less than enthusiastic about gaiting around the ring in the heat. Still there are a couple more weekends to see how I go capturing your dogs before the break.

The time off will give me the opportunity to practice on some other subjects. I can feel a few 3am weekend mornings coming up to go out and photograph a beautiful sunrise somewhere. With a public holiday this Friday due to the G20 meeting in Brisbane I am tossing up whether to take my big lens and flash extender out and trial it on some birds or actually see about going into the CBD and photograph some of the demonstrations etc that are bound to be happening. With a swarm of police and military personnel blanketing the city, carting my camera bag and especially my tripod case which probably looks more like a rifle case might be a tad risky. Still I have a day or two to decide.

Images taken from last weekend's shows at Murwillumbah, NSW have been uploaded to my website. As I was there without Elise and showing three of our Pointers my opportunities to photograph were quite restricted so there is only a small selection of images in the gallery. Next year I will have to see how I go juggling showing and photographing. Maybe we show fewer dogs and I leave Elise to look after that side.... but then I do like showing too...... or maybe the photographing remains as "when I can". Decisions, decisions.

To those of you who have encouraged me over the last few months and particularly those that have liked images enough to purchase them, I thank you for your support. It all helps motivate me to continue to improve. 


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A couple weeks out. _K5D1697_K5D1697_K5D1697 Well I've had a couple weeks off with no shows. Given recent events in our household I missed putting entries in, but we were back in full swing again last weekend with our local shows, a double header with Pine Rivers KC and Redcliffe KC shows.

Things are progressing well with my images and I do enjoy photographing your lovely dogs. As always, it's a challenge juggling photographing and showing but we do what we can.  If you see me walking around with camera in hand and want images of your dogs, just grab me. If I'm not racing back for the Pointers i'll be happy to help.

Sharon is going fairly well at home, so it looks like one more week of leave and then I'll be back at work.......then the photos will have to be done at night!!

Time for me to jump back into editing as I have to submit a couple of images to the camera club and tonight is the cutoff.  I hope you enjoy the selection of images from Sunday's double header now posted to the gallery

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Fine weather for the Dogs Qld Dog Spectacular _K5D0429_K5D0429_K5D0429 Well it's been a couple of weeks since my last blog entry but that does not mean that I haven't been busy. Firstly as many of you would know Sharon spent some time in hospital and naturally managing the dogs and house plus visiting her kept all of us on our toes.  Thankfully she is now home and while the issues that saw her hospitalised are on the improve her ongoing health is always something that the family needs to monitor closely. Our sincerest thanks to all those that asked after Sharon.

On the photo front, images from the following shows have been uploaded since my last post:
 - English Springer Spaniel Assoc of Qld
 - Queensland Gundog Assoc
 - Gundogs and Heavy Breeds Club of Qld
 - Dogs Qld Amenities Committee (Dog Spectacular)

The Dog Spectacular is a lot of fun and has a bit of a mix of shots, so there's not as many as usual from the Conformation Show side of the dog world.  Thankfully the wet weather that we had for a few days leading up to the event cleared after an early morning shower and we all got to have a pretty good day.

Also I'd like to thank those people that have asked me to photograph their dogs over the last few weeks. I continue to reiterate that I am not a professional, but also not a novice and I value the opportunity that you have given me to photograph your precious canine family members.

Look forward to seeing you all through the viewfinder at another show soon.

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It's been a busy week. As many of you may know, my wife, Sharon has been in hospital for the last week with some complications from her various conditions. It has certainly made things a little more hectic at home and with Elise busy with other activities over the weekend the shows kept me on my toes, so to speak. Trying to capture images of your lovely dogs, plus keep an eye on my own and make sure I also got in the ring for both the Open and Champ shows had me on the go all day.  So much so that I missed helping a very dear friend with her dogs. That upset me as don't like to feel that I've let friends down. Hopefully I'll have my trusty little handler with me over the next few weekends. She does so much at the shows and at home. We're very lucky to have two great kids.

Hopefully everyone is finding the site, both the desktop and mobile versions, easy to navigate. There's only a couple of levels and finding the show your interested in should be pretty quick.  It's encouraging when you start to notice that people are going looking for images before I've even posted that they are up. I do enjoy trying to capture nice images of your dogs whether they be the top winning dogs in the state or your dearest and closest companion that also happens to be a show dog. Each is special.

Anyway, enough chatter from me........ an assortment of images from the Pam Carpenter Memorial Show run by the Northern Classic Kennel Club on Sunday 3rd August 2014 have been uploaded to the gallery.


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First weekend away. _K5B7046_K5B7046_K5B7046

Well I've had a weekend away showing our Pointers and actually photographing some of the lovely dogs in the ring.  It is certainly hard trying to do both and obviously I missed whole groups of dogs that were on the same time that we were. None the less I tried to cover what I could. A big thank you must go to my daughter, Elise, for taking care of so many of the usual camping things and looking after the dogs while I was off clicking away.

Everybody was really nice, I didn't have anybody have a go at me for photographing their dogs and actually had a few people ask for me specifically to photograph some of their dogs. I'm glad they liked the images.

A few shots from each of the three days at Brunswick Valley Kennel Club have been uploaded to the site. Things are starting to take shape with both the general Dog Show galleries and the client areas. It all seems to be working well and even on the mobile version of the site. My favourite shots from the weekend are the ones taken outside the ring when people are cuddling their dogs and the like. I think I'll be looking for more of those sorts of opportunities.

Anyway, thanks for visiting and taking the time to read my rantings. I'm always happy for any feedback about the site, good or bad. I need to know if people are having issues with it. Hope to see you around a show ring soon.

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Well we have a start.... After a couple of late nights I have the basics of the site. Lots of things have been turned off to keep it nice and simple so that hopefully not too much can go wrong. I enjoy this sort of stuff so I think that even if not much happens with the dog images I'll still keep pursuing this as a personal site.

There are two main areas, the first being the galleries. This is where I'll place general photos taken at the shows and where most visitors will spend their time.  For those that have asked me to do specific shoots with any of their dogs there is a client access area to which you'll need a password to your gallery group. Once you have a group all your sessions will be found within the group.  Over time I'll also add more personal photos and this particularly excites me to see how my images will develop over the next few years.

I am not a professional and am self taught. I consider myself more passionate than just a hobbyist. I like the 'enthusiast' tag as there is much that I still want to learn and practice. There are never enough hours in the day or days off to learn and do the things I'd like to.  One day I'll be even older, retired and not able to run around the ring with our Pointers. Then there will be more time to shoot. I can't paint or draw so this is a creative outlet for me. There are many people, particularly in my Google+ space whose images I admire. I can only try to become as proficient as they are.

If I have images posted of your dogs that you are interested in it is best to drop me an email via the contact page. Images posted have only basic edits done and may need further adjustments e.g. a signature block or leads removed in the case of heads shots etc.

Let's see where this takes us. Hopefully you enjoy my photos and I'm always interested in your feedback.




Patrik Berger

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