2016-12-18: DQ Zone1 Grounds Committee2016-12-17: Dog of the Year Support Show2016-12-16: Director's Champ Show2016-12-10: Maree KC2016-12-09: Maree KC2016-11-20: Caboolture KC2016-10-23: DOTY Support Show2016-10-22: Qld Puppy of the Year2016-10-22: Qld Dog of the Year2016-10-22: DOTY Support Show2016-10-21: P-DOTY Eliminations2016-10-15: Ipswich KC2016-10-09: Waterloo Bay KC2016-10-08: Waterloo Bay KC - PM Show2016-10-08: Waterloo Bay KC - AM Show2016-10-02: Beaudesert KC2016-10-01: Beaudesert KC2016-09-25: Western Suburbs KC2016-09-18: DOTY Support Show2016-09-17: Sporting Spaniel Club of Qld2016-09-17: DOTY Support Show2016-09-04: Pine Rivers KC & Redcliffe KC2016-09-03: Pine Rivers KC2016-07-30: Northern Classic KC2016-07-24: Ladies Kennel Assoc Qld2016-07-23: Ladies Kennel Assoc Qld2016-07-10: Great Dane Society Qld2016-07-09: Samford Show Society2016-06-18: Border Collie National2016-06-12: Ipswich KC2016-06-11: ESS Assoc Qld2016-06-10: Ipswich KC2016-05-29: Lockyer Valley KC2016-05-28: Lockyer Valley KC2016-05-15: Sunshine Coast KC2016-05-14: Sunshine Coast KC2016-05-13: Sunshine Coast KC2016-04-30: French Bulldog Club of Qld2016-04-17: Kennel Assoc of Qld2016-04-16: Kennel Assoc of Qld2016-04-03: Pine Rivers KC2016-03-20: Beaudesert KC2016-03-19: Beaudesert KC2016-03-06: Poodle Club of Qld2016-02-28: Gympie and District KC2016-02-13: Redcliffe Penisula KC2016-02-07: Allora KC2016-02-06: Allora Show Society2016-01-31: Beenleigh & District KC2016-01-09: Darling Downs KC